Factors That Affect Implant Cost

There are many things that can affect dental implant cost. We will work hard to offer financing options to ensure you get the care you need!

Factors That Affect Cost:

  • How Many Teeth Are Involved
  • If There Is Bone Loss
  • What Type of Procedure You're Having
  • If There is a Sinus Lift Required
  • If There is Periodontal Disease Present
  • If You Need Extractions
  • If You Are Edentulous
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Estimating Your Dental Implants Cost in Newport Beach, CA
Trying to estimate your tooth implant cost can be confusing and difficult when attempting to do so on your own. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Almaraz. There are several different influential factors that need to be considered when calculating your dental implants cost in Newport Beach, CA, such as:

  • How many implants do you need?
  • What type of implants do you need?
  • Is gum disease present?
  • Do you need a bone graft?

How many implants do you need?

The more implants that are needed to replace your teeth, the higher you can expect your tooth implant cost to be. This is because Dr. Almaraz will need to spend more time plotting the placement of each implant. Additional materials will also be needed which will impact the overall cost.

What type of implants do you need?

There are several different types of implant procedures available for patients with different needs. The type of implants you require will affect your overall tooth implant cost. For example, implant supported dentures have a different associated cost than an implant supported bridge.

Is gum disease present?

Healthy gums are a vital part of dental implant success. If you are suffering from gum disease, you will need to receive treatment before dental implants can be considered. The addition of gum disease treatment will impact your overall treatment plan. 

Do you need a bone graft?

When tooth loss occurs, the bone that surrounded that tooth will begin to deteriorate. If a tooth has been missing for a year or longer, the chances of needing a bone graft are greater. The need for a bone graft will increase the overall tooth implant cost.

Patients who have suffered tooth loss often choose to replace their missing teeth with dental implants. Contact the office of Dr. Almaraz today to schedule your consultation regarding dental implants cost in Newport Beach, CA.

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